What I offer

Business coaching

Could one of your managers benefit from coaching?

Do they need support? Would it help them to take a step back, develop their leadership skills and adapt their management strategy so they can help their team operate in an intercultural context?

I can help them assess the situation, grow their awareness, set objectives and ultimately achieve their goal.


My approach

Every individual is unique so I adopt the same approach in my coaching. Each session is tailored to your individual situation, needs, aims and expectations.

As a certified business and intercultural coach, I offer structured, personalised support to which I bring my own diverse international experiences and perspectives.

The sessions are informal, infused with positive energy and compassion, but always personalised and in the service of the coachee’s ultimate goal.

My approach to business and intercultural coaching is to look at the issue from a variety of angles, join the dots between your goals and offer you more ways to help everyone achieve sustainable performance and fulfilment.

We will work together in a sound and constructive environment that fosters trust, optimism and mutual respect. The focus will be on action and working towards making an honest and meaningful commitment.  


Your coaching journey


Off to a good start

A manager’s perspective

You become a better manager, and develop your leadership skills, so you can foster trust and cooperation within your teams


A bird’s-eye view

Communication profiles

You understand the different communication models and learn how to communicate clearly and effectively with your team members and superiors.


Cultural baggage

The cultural perspective

You identify your cultural profile and learn how to handle cultural differences to help you capitalise on the synergies within your team.


Team assessment

Team sessions

Identify and develop all the behaviours and skills of the different personality types within your team and capitalise on the cultural differences.



Workshops / Seminars

Expatriation and repatriation cultural awareness and assimilation workshops or seminars for managers or individuals being posted abroad or returning from a position abroad.


The business coaching assignment

If you are the HR manager, we will first of all chat to ascertain the reason you are looking for coaching, your needs, your expectations, and your goals. I will detail the process for you, including the number and frequency of the sessions and the total duration.

Next, I will get to know the coachee and confirm with them the goals set, the desired results and their willingness to work with me. For coaching to be successful, the coachee must be ready and willing to take part and make a personal commitment.

The coaching itself will be a series of individual sessions lasting between 90 minutes and 2 hours, generally spread over a period of 6 to 9 months. The length and details of the assignment will be agreed on a case-by-case basis. A contract between the company, the coach and the coachee is signed and we are ready to go.

Once the assignment has been completed, all three parties will get together, or a report will be issued, for validation of the results and sign-off (with the coachee’s consent). If required, and the coachee agrees, an interim report can also be provided.

Let’s chat to see how I can help

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