Lana, Project Manager – Rolls-Royce

« I went to see Nadine to improve my communication and influencing abilities in an international environment with my team, suppliers and customers. Nadine took my capabilities to the next level by first understanding the cultural blockages I was having with the different stakeholders.
Second by identifying my problem solving blockages. Third by helping me find new ways forward that empower me to step into the leadership role I had envisioned. Nadine is an incredible coach, she is very savvy in cultural understanding. She asks the right questions, she explains things very clearly, she pays attention to all the details. »

Charlene, Team Manager

« It has been a remarkable journey for me personally to have you as my coach
I have learned how to communicate clearly with my team and to reflect on my leadership skills. The working environment in Germany was different to that in the U.S. You accurately decoded the cultural differences for me  and guided me through the process. It was a great development opportunity.
I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done.
Know that you make a difference. »

Sophia, Independent artist and educator

« Working with Nadine is a pleasure, and you will be surprised how good
her intuition is in knowing when and how to find deep insights into
issues that you may have been pondering over for years. »

Megan, Expat

« Nadine helped me understand the psychological, emotional and cultural aspects of returning home and the ways it affected me and my family members. She provided me with the information and resources to help me deal with the cultural challenges and reduce the stress of returning home by getting closure on my foreign experience. Nadine makes you feel understood, valued and validated. I highly recommend her as a coach and advisor. »

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